Writing and Still Holding a Regular Full-Time Job

It’s been nearly a full year (February 2014 to be exact) since I obtained my current full-time job. The year has been filled with lots of training and learning new skills. I must admit that I didn’t read as much as I wanted (not for pleasure anyway), but did find brief opportunities; the same can be said for my writing.

So when I came across a tweet from @KMWeiland “How to Write a Book (and Work a Day Job), I was more than intrigued. So I click on the link http://t.co/zcrOryM5Qg (by WriteHack) and read the article. As newbie authors just starting out, most of us have to find time to read and write between our day job hours. Add to that all the things that life throws at us each day, finding time to write is hard.

Anyway, give the article a read and see if it might help 2015 be the year you reach your writing goals.

Until Next Time.