A Writing Tool

I am a member of a writing group on Google+ (Writer’s Discussion Group) which is a terrific community to read and learn from others who are writing and publishing. A member of that group posted a website that offers a tool to help authors write better. The site is called Paper Rater  http://www.paperrater.com/about. The site states that, “it is developed and maintained by linguistics professional and graduate students. It is used by schools and universities in over 46 countries to help students improve their writing.”

The best thing about the site is that it’s free and it’s not just for college students who want to write better term and research papers. It’s also for anyone who is writing and wants to improve their writing, which is what we all want to do. To use it, paste a piece of your writing into the site and it will analyze your writing.

Are there any tools you use to help you in your writing?

Until Next Time,