Organize Your Story Writing

Hello Everyone,

Gosh logged into my blog only to realize it had been a year since I lasted posted anything. This gave me pause to reflect on the past year and all the things that had occurred and look forward to many things in this coming year.

I recently read a blog from science fiction author Veronica Sicoe ( As a published author, she too had to find her way when it comes to writing and she shares several ideas of how she goes about creating her stories on her site. There were a couple I found interesting to me personally, that I am going to try, one of them being how she uses Excel spreadsheets to organize her writing ( She uses spreadsheets to give her a high level view of her writing progress and to also drill down on areas she needs to focus her attention to be productive and to keep the process moving forward. Perhaps the best part in addition to her information, is the free templates to use yourself (

I got a real sense that she, like all of use, struggle with the writing process, but she kept at it and found a way that works for her. So give it a go; read her post and see if anything resonates with you; if so try it.

That’s all for now,