Just Start

Today I started to put pencil to paper. I guess I’m a bit old fashion that way, but I get a certain feel when I write that way versus sitting down a the computer. Staring at a blank screen seems to put pressure on me to write something and all I do is just find other things to distract myself from writing.

So at least I wrote the first scene. It’s a little over 600 words. My inner critic tells me it’s not very good at all, but that’s OK with me because I wanted to just get it written down first. I must be truthful, this is about where I get stuck and when I stop writing, because I’m not sure where to go from here. Perhaps I will spend a day or two thinking about where to take the story next and that might help me with the next scene. The other thing that I know is coming is creating an antagonist, where and how to weave them into the story.

Oh well, the anxiety of writing. I suppose if it were easy, everybody would do it.

Comments are thoughts are welcome.

Until next time.