Stay Focused

One of the many struggles I have being a newbie author is seeing a story to the very end. When I find myself stuck at a place in a story and I’m not sure where to take it next, I tend to give up on the story telling myself, ‘It was a stupid idea or it wasn’t fully developed’ or I just lose interest in what I’m writing.

I have read that when this happens, it’s because the idea of the story is incomplete, that I had only a partial idea. Other’s that I have read said that trying to do too much with a story can cause a similar behavior or giving up. Whatever is the cause, giving up shouldn’t be a thought we have. Sure it would be easy, but then again anything of value isn’t necessarily going to be easy.

When I get to feeling this way, I try to step away from the story. I recently read to try changing the time or the setting. This makes good sense;  often just changing one aspect can bring out a different aspect that you never thought of. Just stay focused and don’t give up.

Your thoughts.

Until next time.