Pencil to Paper

Today’s post I thought I would update the progress of my writing. Since I started putting pencil to paper I am now up to 2,600 words and I couldn’t be more pleased. I think I have also learned something, I think.

Yesterday I started reading Steve Berry’s ( new short story “The Admiral’s Mark. Now bear in mind I have only read about a quarter of the story, but I recognized something. What I noticed was that the story just follows the protagonist Cotton Malone. I see and experience everything he does from him interacting with other characters to his thoughts and what he see’s.

Why you maybe asking is this such a new thing for me? Well, I suppose it is because I have only read novels and I guess secondly, I am paying more attention to writing as a process; anyway the light bulb went off for me.

I being a newbie at writing see myself, at least initially, writing short stories until I get a better grasp of writing and find the confidence to take on a long piece of work. So when I was reading this story, I realized that I was much more engaged in the story from the beginning and it was easier to follow since I didn’t have to keep track of so many characters and make sure that for each scene with the protagonist I have a scene with the antagonist. It all kind of just made sense to me.

So when I finish my initial draft, I will be going back and editing it with the idea of keeping the story moving forward from my protagonist view-point. Hopefully, I will end up with a result I am looking for.

Your thoughts.

Until next time.