I have mentioned in former post, in a previous life I was a therapist and one of the interesting phenomena of human nature is the idea of inspiration. There hasn’t been a lot of research published on this idea although I found one piece of research on the topic. It is interesting to read, although it is heavily skewed to the metrics of creating a method of measuring inspiration and whether it can truly be measured in a scientific manner; it points out what we all have known, inspiration is a real construct and that we can be inspired by many different things.

There are many things that inspire me, from people to events, accomplishments, etc. As far as writing goes, one of the things that inspires me to write is an interesting idea or when a new book from an author I enjoy reading is released. It creates a sense in me that I too can be successful just as they are which spurs me to action.

So what inspires you? What moves or compels you to write?

Until next time.