Assistance and Help to a Newbie – An Acknowledgement

As I finished my first of what will be many revisions of my story, I want to take the opportunity to post some appreciation for help and support, as well as share some places where I turned to, to get started.

First, I want to “Thank” all of you who follow my blog; I appreciate each time you read and reply. Your comments, and suggestion have been and will be invaluable to me. I hope in some small way, you feel that I have reciprocated in kind. Further, it is my hope you will continue to follow and reply as I find the dialogue helpful and stimulating.

Second, when I first felt the urge to write, I turned to the web for ideas and suggestion on how to get started. Two places I used often were,, and Word of caution, the web is full of garbage as well as good stuff, so use your best judgement.

Finally, I haven’t read but one book thus far on the art of writing, Stein on Writing: A Master Editor of Some of the Most Successful Writers of Our Century Shares His Craft Techniques and Strategies, by Sol Stein; you can find it at Amazon,

So what has helped you along your journey of writing?

Until next time.