The Write Way: RJ Blain on Critique Groupies and Paid Editors

We all at some point will be editing our stories and novels; it will be helpful to have some tips and advice from someone who does it for a living.

Over at The Write Way blog by Mary Cain, RJ Blain, an author and editor, posted just such stuff.

Give it a read next time you’re ready to edit your work.

Thanks Mary.

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The Write Way: RJ Blain on Critique Groupies and Paid Editors.


Writing and Revising

Well it certainly has been a while since I posted anything, but I hope you have found what I have been posting interesting, informative and helpful. During my absence I have working on plot for another story, revising/editing one that I finished a month or so ago, and have written several very short (1500-2000 word) stories plus working my 8-5 job as well.

Question that I have come up against and am wondering if anyone has run into the same issue. You have completed your rough draft and you’ve sat on it for a while before you begin the revision. When you pull it out to work on it, it absolutely does not have any semblance of the story you thought it was?

Now I have asked myself some deeper probing questions about why I think there isn’t a story there, and I will admit, to be perfectly honest, that I have this belief that it isn’t any good, that it’s incoherent, it’s just bad writing, that I’m really not a writer or a good one any way, etc. Basically I have lots of self-doubt and negative thoughts about my writing. While I fight through these thoughts, the best way I know how, I continue to write knowing that eventually I will become better.

So the question still stands, after writing something have you ever gone back and found that it isn’t what you thought it was or should be? Also, what did you do about it? Re-write whole scenes parts or the whole story?


How to Cut Thousands of Words Without Shedding a Tear | Rachelle Gardner

One of the twitter feeds I follow is written by literary agent Rachelle Gardner ( Her website is filled with terrific ideas, inspiration, information about the publishing industry from an agent.

I found this article one of many useful articles on how to cut words out of your story. Now at this point in my writing, I struggle to reach a couple of thousand words, but what this article addresses is how to review your work, change it and make it a better piece of work.

What do you think of her list? Any others that you would add?

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How to Cut Thousands of Words Without Shedding a Tear | Rachelle Gardner.

Editing Your Work

I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel metaphorically speaking with my story, and I’m starting to ask myself once I’m finished, how do I go from rough first draft to finished story? Of course I am speaking of editing. I must admit however I am venturing into foreign territory; I haven’t the slightest idea how or even where to begin.

I have written my story in MS Word, and I know how to use the find and replace feature; but what I guess I asking is the nuts and bolts of reviewing a rough draft and begin to polish it to a finished story? Those of you who have gone through this experience, what was it like? How or where did you begin? What sort of tools did you use that were helpful?

The only person who has ever read any of my writing has been my wife. She is critical of my writing, but helpful in that she offers suggestions on how it would make the story more enjoyable for her to read or keep her interested. I have also read suggestions about reading my story out loud to myself as a way to hear the flow of the story and identify rough spots to improve. I see the validity in all of these.

So what do you use to edit your story? How or where do you begin the process? What tools do you use to help your story get from rough draft to finished project?

Until next time?