“I had a dream.” OK so it’s not anything like the great Martin Luther King Jr., but I did have a dream and a rather interesting one at that. Which got me thinking, “Do you have dreams? If so, and I’m pretty sure we all do, do you write them down or rehearse them so that later you can use them.

I read somewhere that if you’re stuck for something to write, use your dreams. The themes of mine last night were stadiums, loose change, a cellphone charger and a wallet which belonged to a physician but no one was around to claim it. Interesting ideas to build on or maybe to use in whole or part in a story.

In my current story, since I’m just started writing, I’m not sure how it will fit or even it will fit at all. If it does, how cool it will be to explain how that scene came to be created it; but if not maybe some other story.

So dreams, what do you think? How do you use them?

Until next time.