Creative Writing

Last week in my son’s 7th grade language arts class, he had a project assigned to him where he had to write a story of his own choosing. Being that he is my son, he chose to make one up instead of choosing to write about an experience he had. He had several requirements to meet: must be 4 pages in length, must adhere to basic story structure and use of proper grammar.  The only other requirement he had was to include a comment page. He had to turn in two drafts, a rough draft and a final draft for his grade.

I thought the comment page was an interesting requirement of the assignment. The rationale behind the comment page is to encourage the students, during the writing of their rough draft, to write down why they decided to include specific details in their stories as a guide in writing their final draft. This was an interesting assignment and one that I eagerly watched my son work through. The most fascinating part of this assignment for me was to watch and listen to my son come up with a story and then hear him discuss why he chose particular details to include in his story.

Which got me thinking. Do any of you use something as a reference to go back to when writing your story? What is it and how does it help you in creating your story?

Until next time.