So I’m writing my rough draft and I stop just to look at what I have written; not to edit necessarily, but to see how much I’ve written when it occurred to me that I have no chapters. My writing looks like one continuous piece of writing. It’s not devoid of punctuation and sentence structure or anything of that sort, but there isn’t defined breaks as you might find in a piece of published work.

I am assuming that during the edit and re-edit process, these chapters will break in more or less naturally (at least I hope so). As in life were we have periods of peaks and valleys there is a flow, writing at least for me seems to follow a similar pattern, a natural phenomena if you will.

So how do you include chapters in your writing? Do you insert them at distinct junctures in your story for say dramatic reasons or do they just fall more or less in natural  places or breaks in your story?

Until next time.