Stymied or is it Barriers?

Well it certainly has been a long time since I have posted anything and it is confession time; I have felt stymied about what to write and the voice in which to write it in. Well maybe stymied isn’t the correct word, perhaps barriers. In any case, I haven’t written a thing and the reason is that I can’t find anything that is interesting to me enough to write about, coupled with the fact that I have tried to find a voice to write from; one that keeps “gnawing at my soul” as David Morrell states. Each time I start, the storyline is just not that interesting to me to keep writing.

I was however recently reminded by Jay over at to “write anything” but get back into the zone of writing. It was just the pep talk I needed and will certainly be getting back to it. That is the beauty of this blog, there are people who you can cultivate a relationship with that can support and spur you on to keep writing and encourage. Thanks Jay!

So what say you stymied or barrier? What are the things that keep you or get in your way from your writing?

Until next time.