Fiction Can Mirror Life

Just an update from my last post in October. I am still unemployed. Boo! I have literally submitted dozens of resumes and applications. I have 3 interviews, still nothing.

How can this possible relate to writing you ask? Well, if you look at traditional story (structure, you have the beginning; then rising conflict; to the climax at the apex. Then a descent toward resolution and a return to homeostasis. So my situation, I would say (hope is more like it), I am at the climax. In fact, I would say that I have arrived on a couple of occasions only to be dashed and the rise in conflict again toward climax. Much of the conflict would be the arguments with spouse over having no job, money, dividing up the household chores, expectations. The apex or climax would be the interviews, with the hope of landing a job.

So, fiction can mirror life in many ways. I, for one, have learned that when writing my protagonist, inserting piles and piles of conflict to their point of breaking point, brings about interesting reading. Also, once they have reached the climax, make sure that the decline towards resolution and homeostasis, needs to be a grand, epic and memorable as their ascent. They deserve that much, and it helps make them a memorable character.

Until next time,



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