Life Mirrors Story Structure and Plot

Here at “Thoughts From A Closet Author,” I’ve always written or posted content to help newbie author such as myself become better authors. I realize that most people also hold down another means of supporting yourself, and that writing is a passion. The hope is that one day that passion can turn into reality by getting our work published.

I like all of you worked another job and wrote in my spare time (including writing and finding content for this blog). Well recently, I was let go of my full-time job and now find myself unemployed with little prospects of finding something else to support myself and family.

There, I said it! It’s out there.

So today, I decided to begin writing about my experiences. Once I made this decision and begin (with this post), a bit of catharsis has occurred. I didn’t realize that I have kept so much inside. To my followers, I hope by writing about this won’t be a turn-off, and I appreciate your indulgence. I will continue to post content about writing, but, I will also write about how this experience is affecting me. If I really stop to think about it, this is drama and what story is but part drama, part action. This story is about a person who goes from humble beginnings to the height of his job, only to fall back to the depths of the unknown. So the next part will be about his slow rise back and coming out on top. Sort of like a story is structured (

So stay tuned and see how this story turns out.

Until next time,



One comment on “Life Mirrors Story Structure and Plot

  1. chornung88 says:

    Best of luck to you – being out of work in this job market is tough! On the other hand, writing is a rewarding pursuit.

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