Writing Scene’s

This month and maybe longer, I am writing scene to include in my story. After finishing my outline (which I still am tweaking from time-to-time), I will be creating scenes that I want to be a part of my story. The fun part of the writing process is taking an idea and turning it into something interesting (at least to me).

As I have mentioned previously, I am more of a pen (pencil) to paper kind of writer. It gives me a better sense of how things sound. I think this is primarily due to the fact that I tend to read what I write aloud to myself. If it doesn’t sound like it makes sense, then I re-work it or scrap it. Once I finish I read it out loud and repeat. I try not to do a lot of re-writing or deletion at this stage as I am more interested in just getting the ideas out of my head and onto paper.

So how about you, do you edit as you go or just write then edit later?

Until next time,



One comment on “Writing Scene’s

  1. glennfolkes says:

    Interesting read, I like your blog, thanks Steve!!

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