Outline for New Story

I have spent this month developing an outline for a new story. Not an easy task, but no one said writing was easy. I got to thinking, I am a pen to paper kind of guy, but I’m not so narrow-minded to realize that there are other ways to create and develop a story line and plot points.  I like the idea behind Dropbox and EverNote. You find something you read or see out on the web, you simply add and then you can access it anywhere. These are great tools to use when you want to remember to utilize in something your writing.

So what say you, what to you do when you start your new story? Outline on paper? Do you type out on a blank page on your PC or tablet? How about software like Dropbox of EverNote?

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2 comments on “Outline for New Story

  1. I use Dropbox as a backup tool, and to give me access to my work no matter where I am. If I have access to a computer and the Internet, I can access my files. I’ve had hard drive crashes that have wiped out files, and this is the easiest and cheapest solution I’ve found to backing up my important files.

    Evernote is my new Moleskine. I have it on my computer and on my Android phone. I use it for notes, web clippings, etc. It’s fantastic. I highly recommend both tools!

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