Reading Material

I know it has been since November 2012 since my last post; my day job has kept me busier than ever. I have managed to keep up with my reading (writing not so much, however I have an outline in the works for a new story and I am editing a story I wrote early last year). Here is the books I have read recently and a brief synopsis; I recommend each.

  • The Breach by Patrick Lee. I was nearly finished with this book back in November and finished reading shortly thereafter. A thriller with a science fiction flare; as I mention previously, if you are a fan of Fringe you will enjoy this novel. Good character development and is the first of 3 in a series.
  • Resurrect by Kane Gilmour. You may know of this author if you have read any of Jeremy Robinson novel as he was the co-author. This is his first solo novel and it is very good thriller. What I particularly enjoyed is the action scene. Kane does an excellent job of showing you the action instead of telling you the action.
  • Final Dawn Season 1 by Mike Kraus. I first read episode one in the series and later found I could download the entire first season on my Kindle. This is an apocalyptic episodic series (six episodes in season 1) of how four people survive and adapt, both individually and as a group.

I won’t wait so long to post next time so until then



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