Writing and Revising

Well it certainly has been a while since I posted anything, but I hope you have found what I have been posting interesting, informative and helpful. During my absence I have working on plot for another story, revising/editing one that I finished a month or so ago, and have written several very short (1500-2000 word) stories plus working my 8-5 job as well.

Question that I have come up against and am wondering if anyone has run into the same issue. You have completed your rough draft and you’ve sat on it for a while before you begin the revision. When you pull it out to work on it, it absolutely does not have any semblance of the story you thought it was?

Now I have asked myself some deeper probing questions about why I think there isn’t a story there, and I will admit, to be perfectly honest, that I have this belief that it isn’t any good, that it’s incoherent, it’s just bad writing, that I’m really not a writer or a good one any way, etc. Basically I have lots of self-doubt and negative thoughts about my writing. While I fight through these thoughts, the best way I know how, I continue to write knowing that eventually I will become better.

So the question still stands, after writing something have you ever gone back and found that it isn’t what you thought it was or should be? Also, what did you do about it? Re-write whole scenes parts or the whole story?


2 comments on “Writing and Revising

  1. Zen says:

    I do. But that’s mostly because I write my stories without plotting. So something I might’ve thought of at the beginning of the story might’ve changed drastically towards the middle or end. I think it’s nice when our stories surprise us like that. =]

    • stevebrowne says:

      I hadn’t stop to think of it like that, but you’re right it is a surprise. How about the revision to have your story make sense? How much do you find you are doing? Is it just whole scenes or most of the story?

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