BBQ and Writing

I have a confession, I love good BBQ food. As a native a Kansas City I grew up around good BBQ food and trust me when I say that there is no shortage of BBQ restaurants in the greater Kansas City metro area. So living in California I looked around and couldn’t find a BBQ restaurant let alone one that reminded me of the taste of Kansas City. So I decided that I would start making my own. I did research and learned by watching cooking shows and how-to books.

However I can honestly say that the best teacher has been just cooking. Trying and sometimes failing, but always putting product out there for others to try and to get their feed back. Now up to this point, the only people who have eaten my food have been family, but feedback is feedback. The toughest critic I know is my wife and she will, nay has said to me when something I make doesn’t taste good. Tough to hear, but welcome criticism nevertheless as it tells me where I need to improve.

The same for writing, “just write” is the best teacher and if you have the opportunity to get it in front of others for feedback, so much the better. I personally haven’t found place to share my writing with others, other than my wife, and she is extremely direct with her opinion any more than I have found a way to get my BBQ out to more people to try. This I know however, I believe that once I have the found an opportunity to get others to try my food, I believe they will love it and will want to come back for more. I struggle to achieve that same courage with my writing, but if I can find a place and have an opportunity to share what I write with others, I may not be a success right off, but I will become a better writer for doing so and will learn from the experience; then my next attempt will be much improved. Eventually, like my BBQ, others will like what I write as much as I do writing it and will want more. As an author I can think of no higher accolades.

Until next time.



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