Passion and Drive

Yesterday the copy machine in the office broke and the repairman was called to come fix it. After he completed his work and after some lite banter, I had the opportunity to talk with him a bit. He told me an amazing story of how a single object started him on a journey that led him to achieve his current job.

He spoke of wanting a TV of his fixed, but he had very little money, that he couldn’t afford to have the work done. So He got an estimate of what the problem was and picked up his TV; as the price was outrageous to fix it he said, “I got so mad, that I couldn’t afford to have it fixed, that I decided to learn how to fix it myself.” From that point on he let nothing stand in his way. He had ups and downs, but he put every effort and hard work into learning, as he said, “I put everything into learning how to fix TV’s.” After graduating college, he was offered a job at a copy company fixing copy machines and the rest is history. He mentioned that a few years ago, he was cleaning out a storage closet and he found that old TV sitting on a shelf and told his wife that this was what started him on his journey. He said, “there is one thing I learned going through this, you must have a passion and drive to achieve something; you can’t let anything get in your way. You have to work hard for everything. You have to want it bad enough.”

I couldn’t help a draw the parallels of his story to the stories we write. It begs the question, “are our stories filled with characters who are driven and passionate about something so much that they let nothing get in their way to achieve it?

Until next time.


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