Why Write?

In an effort to help me improve my writing, I’m always on the look out for insights, tips and ideas which is why I like blogging; it puts me in touch with people, like myself, who have journeyed where I am and are willing to share. It was with this idea that I started a search on how to write dialogue for stories. I searched the internet and was rewarded when the first hit that came up was the website of author David Morrell (http://davidmorrell.net/). I would certainly encourage you to check it out.

His latest book, “The Successful Novelist” has recently been published. I clicked on the tab entitled “Writing.” He gives 3 links to writing that ultimately lead back to purchasing his book, but I want to call your attention to is the link that allows you to read a portion of the first chapter.

He speaks to why write? In the following 8-9 pages he explains about finding your own voice and adding something new to the genre by using what he calls, “self-psychoanalysis” to find story plots and characters, etc. I found the brief excerpt fascinating, coming from my background as a therapist.

So, why do you write? How do you come up with your plots and characters for your stories?

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One comment on “Why Write?

  1. I’ve just been on the website you cited and have just read the first chapter of The Successful Novelist – absolutely brilliant. David Morrell has been both honest and passionate throughout this whole introduction, I’ll definitely have to read the rest. Brilliant, thanks for sharing.

    I agree with him saying because ‘we need to write’, a similar quote by Sylvia Plath is one I use most common: I write only because, There is a voice within me, That will not be still.

    And it’s definitely true that intentional or not, we do write about our experiences and emotions – I agree, it is fascinating to read. And perhaps somewhere in my mind, that process is working and it creates characters and plots. Some ideas just wonderfully pop out in the blue, some are inspired by other people, some take extensive planning – there are tons of story ideas, and it’s amazing the places they come from.

    Great post!

    ~ JLT

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