Assistance and Help to a Newbie – An Acknowledgement

As I finished my first of what will be many revisions of my story, I want to take the opportunity to post some appreciation for help and support, as well as share some places where I turned to, to get started.

First, I want to “Thank” all of you who follow my blog; I appreciate each time you read and reply. Your comments, and suggestion have been and will be invaluable to me. I hope in some small way, you feel that I have reciprocated in kind. Further, it is my hope you will continue to follow and reply as I find the dialogue helpful and stimulating.

Second, when I first felt the urge to write, I turned to the web for ideas and suggestion on how to get started. Two places I used often were,, and Word of caution, the web is full of garbage as well as good stuff, so use your best judgement.

Finally, I haven’t read but one book thus far on the art of writing, Stein on Writing: A Master Editor of Some of the Most Successful Writers of Our Century Shares His Craft Techniques and Strategies, by Sol Stein; you can find it at Amazon,

So what has helped you along your journey of writing?

Until next time.



3 comments on “Assistance and Help to a Newbie – An Acknowledgement

  1. In addition to Sol Stein’s books, I love A Guide to Narrative Craft (Burroway and Stuckey) and The Art of Fiction (Gardner), though I admit that I became hooked on how-to-write books for a while! In terms of revision, even though I’m not writing a sci-fi book, I really like Kirt Hickman’s book on revision. I also really enjoyed Bird by Bird (Anne Lamont) to keep all this writing stuff in perspective. Anyhow, great blog and post – happy I stopped by!

    • stevebrowne says:

      “Thanks” for stopping by and for your reply. Thanks also for the great books suggestions on writing. Looks like I can add to my fledgling numbers.
      Stop by again.


  2. 🙂 Nice post and thanks for the links, I’ll definitely check them out.

    What’s helped me most is the support and advice from users on Yahoo! Answers. I think where you receive help as a newbie is often the place where you receive help most, or you treasure it most because without it, I may not have persisted to the writer I am today. The users there are always unbelievably helpful.

    The ’10 tips for writers’ on the Guardian website is one of my favourites

    I have collected around 50 books on writing and every single one of them are *so* helpful – it’s like I’ve got a whole new brain every time I’ve read them.

    And blogging and reading other blogs have been great encouragement, helpful and brilliant to explore my own thoughts and others insights on writing.

    I’ll definitely check out Stein on Writing and hope to add it to my collection! Thanks for that

    ~ JLT

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