A key to making a story enjoyable as a reader is the drama the unfolds throughout the course of a story. The protagonist is on a journey towards something only to be thwarted by the antagonist several times until the climax of the story where the two finally confront one another.

The other key piece is the characters themselves; coupled with the drama makes for compelling reading, at least for me. As a newbie in the world of writing, I struggle mightily with both of these important pieces. I really have no reference point to begin from. My life is relatively drama free, and the people I know are fairly non-nondescript. If one were to use myself as a composite for a character, it would be rather boring I afraid.

So how do you write drama into your stories? How do you write your characters that go into your stories to make them fascinating, thus make your stories a compelling read?

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3 comments on “Drama

  1. Interesting. Well I think quite a few people may consider their life drama free, and albeit a very good think to celebrate, I am 100% sure there are many times in which you panic, or your indecesive etc. Think about why those things happen, or use examples from stories you’ve already read. Perhaps there are misunderstandings – someone who supports your character may be turned against your protagonist. Maybe there are times where you just want to give up. Maybe something your character relied on for hope turned out to be a lie. Keep being observant – when you read stories, or watch movies or listen to a song, think about conflict and drama, things that ignite it. Hopefully your characters may even spark the drama. I’m sure you’ll find lots of examples 🙂

    ~ Jay

  2. stevebrowne says:

    In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, you are correct. There are plenty of times where my life has been anything but drama free; as you point out there have been times I have experienced those emotions you mention.
    Thanks for giving me some things to consider as I try and spice up my story. This is challenging for me because I’m not quite sure how to write coherently and in such a way as it conveys the emotion I want to bring out.
    As always thinks for taking the time to read and reply.


    • You’re welcome. It’s always a pleasure to share my ideas as a writer. I have the same problem too. I think I write too matter of factly and expressing emotion doesn’t come easily to me. I think the best way to solve that is again, to relate emotions to your own life, and when you feel strongly (whether it by happiness or confusion for instance) it helps to write a short piece of flash fiction, so all your raw emotion can be manifested into words, or write a scene of your story.

      Hope it helps, but as always, most of the time, it is practice that makes perfect 🙂

      ~ Jay

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