Since I have started writing, I have found it interesting to see what details actually go into the writing of novels from authors I enjoy reading. I will force myself to stay away from the section at the end of the story where the author separates fact from fiction. An author I enjoy reading is Steve Berry ( who writes international thrillers using history as his backdrops. In an interview I read sometime ago, he stated that he will often spend months conducting research on his stories.

I also read an article (my apologizes for not quoting the source) where the article author stated that if you make up stories totally from your imagination, then it may not be necessary; perhaps then genre plays a role in details.

In my writing, although not on the same level of established authors, I too have tried to research ideas to bring flavor to my story. I have to admit, it is interesting to learn about things that you may not have been aware of, and if woven into you story can keep our readers turning the page; at least that is my experience.

So do you do research? How much do you use? Is it important even?

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  1. Hey

    I like the question ‘is it important even’? I read this quote somewhere that goes along the lines of ‘Life doesn’t have to make sense. Fiction does’. Research is sometimes necessary to help make a story make sense and seem realistic. Especially in crime, if you’re writing from a police detective point of view. You have to know all the roles and jobs and procedures, and for law crimes, you need to know all the legal terms. All of it research. To that extent, I think every book needs research to some extent just to make your statements, characters etc agree.

    After that, a writer might choose how much more research is required for their story. For example, as you say, Steve Berry uses history as backdrops and therefore he chooses to have more research. Another writer, especially fantasy and sci-fi writers, may create their own settings from scratch and therefore choose not to research any further. This part is optional.

    I’m sorry for going off a bit too long, your posts always get me thinking – brilliant blog 😉

    ~ JLT

    • stevebrowne says:

      Thanks for the feedback and the info. I wondered about the different genre’s and just how much each requires. For me, since I’m not quite sure which genre my story fits into, I have used some, so as I edit I may see an opportunity to where I can use more to enhance.
      Thanks as always for taking your time to read and reply.

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