Finding Time To Write

I haven’t posted in a couple of days. Reason being is that I have been extremely busy at my regular day job. I’m sure many of you, like myself have one of these. This got me thinking though, where do you find the time to write?

Most of us feel compelled to write, but due to the many commitments, not the least of this is working a full-time job may find it a struggle to find the time to write. Such was the case for me these last few days. With work and family responsibilities, I found myself too exhausted to write. I believe writing for just writing sake, produces for poor writing. I don’t write well when I’m tired, not that I write all that well to begin with (more on that thought at a later post), so I might as well write when I can devote time and energy; at least that way there is a better chance it will be quality writing.

So how and when do you find time to write?

Your thoughts.

Until next time.



7 comments on “Finding Time To Write

  1. Hey there

    I know, this is a hard one, because although writing is a serious passion, you have other responsibilities. Seize every free moment you have – if you travel by bus, then write on your notebook/phone, when you have a lunch break, spend ten minutes writing. It is important to relax, but I carry a notebook with me all the time to write. You never know when you have a free moment, and when you do, just take it out and write.

    ‘I believe writing for just writing sake, produces for poor writing’ – 90% of the time, this is true, but then again, the first draft for anything is poor writing. Revising and editing extensively gets good writing, so don’t worry about the quality to begin with 🙂

    ‘not that I write all that well to begin with’ – well, from all your posts I’ve read, I understand you have a very good grip of grammar, a sophisticated use of vocabulary and a coherent way to explain your thoughts. Have confidence in your writing, and where you feel lacking, just keep practising 🙂


    ~ JLT

    • stevebrowne says:

      Thanks for the reply; just what I needed to hear at this particular time.
      I like the idea of carrying a notebook, and if I were to be honest with myself I do have short periods of time where I could write, so I appreciate your observations.
      I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and for replying, thanks as always. 🙂

  2. davidmcgowan says:

    It’s all about routine I think. Do you cook a meal when you get home from work? What do you do while it’s in the oven for half an hour? Or, better still, make something that takes an hour to cook – like a casserole. Theat gives you an hour to sit down and do some writing. Sacrifice the drink on a Friday night if it means you can’t get up early. Make Saturday morning your writing morning. Get up at 6am, get a cup of tea, and then sit down at your desk at 6.30am and work til 12, throwing in a little break every hour and a half. Do you commute to work? Write your blog posts on your mobile phone while you’re on the train/bus, or research something for writing, or catch up on blogs/articles – a smartphone is a must…iPhone essential for me!

    Hope that helps. I reguilarly post motivational pieces and nuts and bolts of writing pieces, and released my first novel last week. Check out my blog and you’ll surely find some articles to help motivate you.

    Good luck my friend!

    • stevebrowne says:

      First thanks for reading and taking the time to reply. Best of luck with the release of your book.
      You know, I never really thought about writing while waiting for dinner to finish cooking or baking, that’s a great idea.
      I have 4 kids and my wife and I are extremely busy once the kids are up and around; but your suggestion about writing early on Saturday morning is a good one, since the kids are occupying themselves with cartoons most of the morning.
      Thanks for the great suggestions and I will look to incorporate them. I also agree, establishing a routine is essential.

  3. davidmcgowan says:

    P.S. Sorry about the typos above!

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