Have Fun With It

Last evening I spent some time working on my story when I stopped suddenly and did something I normally don’t do while writing the first draft; I deleted most of the scene I had written and re-wrote it in a slightly different way.

Normally when I write and particularly when writing my first draft, I will not do any editing. I want to focus on just getting the words down first then go back and edit. Something struck me when I wrote that scene the compelled me to stop and re-do it.

You see when I write I am also reading out loud to myself in my head. So sometimes I catch things that just don’t sound right. Most of the time I just keep writing, but this particular time I heard a different way to write the scene and it sounded much better.

So have fun with your writing; after all how many people do you know get the chance to create something from scratch? Not many, unless they happen to be authors, or artist. Writing shouldn’t be a drudgery or penance.

Your thoughts.

Until next time.



One comment on “Have Fun With It

  1. Definitely. I think writers can get caught up the seriousness and discipline of writing that although is very serious, shouldn’t take away the passion or fun of writing 🙂

    ~ JLT

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