I took a break from writing over the weekend I was feeling stuck at a point in my story. So I went and played around of golf with some friends, but my story was never far from my thoughts. I kept asking myself how is it the authors that I read always seem to get the story moving forward and they execute it so seamlessly. One chapter the point of view is the protagonist and I am able to see and experience what that character experiences. Then the next chapter the antagonist. Back and forth until the end of the story.

I liken it to a perpendicular lines on a page; each starting at different points but converging closer towards each other until the end of the story where their paths collide and intersect. So after my round was complete, I had sometime to think about my story and some ideas hit me as to how I can connect the different characters together. It is just a rough idea, but when I go back to review what I have written, I fully believe I will be able to smooth it out and make the story flow and keep it moving forward.

Your thoughts.

Until next time.



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