Story Ideas

Some time ago I was think about how established authors come up with ideas for the novels they write and I ran across a couple of interviews that was conducted by Steve Berry (one of my favorite authors I found a couple of commonalities; author Daniel Levin said, “the level of espionage in Rome and Greece has always fascinated me. I was a classics student and was surprised to discover loads of intrigue around every corner. So I thought, what if some of that came with modern consequences?”

Steve Berry asked author Chris Kuzneski about the writing process and does he let history dictate plot or vice verse. He said, “Actually, I think it’s a combination of the two. First and foremost, I find an interesting subject—whether that’s a controversial figure or a legendary artifact—and use its actual history as the backbone for my novel. Then I create a scenario where the historical subject matter has a clear, modern-day significance.”

Interesting takes on how published authors come up ideas and how they use them in their writing.

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